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    Practical item, style statement or gift, our optical accessory catalogue is an indispensable A-Z of useful optical products. From chains and cords to pince-nez - with glazeable goggles, blinkers and chocolate eyeballs packed in-between - Caseco aim to offer solutions to the most individual of needs.  

    Chains & Cords for glasses & spectacles
    We offer a comprehensive variety of chains and cords for protecting spectacles and glasses in a wide selection of designs, colours, materials and finishes.
    Spectacle chains can also be embellished with Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, or just be left simple and understated.   
    Monocles & Pince-nez
    We offer the largest selection of monocles and pince-nez on the UK market, in addition to an array of other unusual items. 

    Prescription goggles, prescription snorkle masks, make-up frames, chocolate eyeballs...  
    If you are a trade customer please contact us to arrange for a representative to visit you, or to receive our comprehensive accessories catalogue.




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