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    Caseco provide the most comprehensive bespoke case service in the UK. The majority of our case range can be personalised for your practice with a huge variety of print styles and colour and finish combinations. Caseco are experts in helping you achieve unique products to enhance your practice’s brand profile.

    Bespoking is an opticians most cost effective advertising solution, Caseco can help you differentiate your business from the competition through your own standards and vision. If you would like to know what is possible, please give us a call.

    We offer bespoke options on a large range of:

    1. - Cases
    2. - Microfibre cloths and wallets
    3. - Lens cleaners
    4. - Carrier bags
    5. - Presentation cartons - and more

    Virtually anything is possible! – just ask.


    Tailor-made and innovative solutions to all presentation or protection cases.


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