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  • Henry Jullien

    Luxurious and renowned quality and creativity.

    Henry Jullien is one of the most renowned names in eyewear. Founded in 1921 and still run by descendants of the founder, Henry Jullien have a reputation for quality and craftmanship with 95 years experience in the design and development of luxury eyewear.

    The one and only manufacturer of gold filled frames in the world, HENRY JULLIEN is the only European company who uses this process which is exquisite as it is intricate. Part art, part technique, HENRY JULLIEN prides itself on its unparalleled craftsmanship, creating frames of distinction.

    Since 1993, Henry Jullien has technically diversified, introducing new materials to aid the development of strong but lightweight frames, this has allowed new and exciting design directions in lightweight frame design.

    HENRY JULLIEN has 2 individual collections to reflect the key traditions of the Henry Jullien brand

    INFLUENCE lightness provided from their trademark metal wire frames,

    PRESTIGE  - prestigious frames with character in traditions of the Henry Jullien brand. Including Gold filled and jewelled embellishments

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