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  • Microvision Readers

    Microvision offer 2 ranges of super-compact ready readers featuring rimless or full rimmed frames in an ultra slim tube case measuring just 128x17x12mm.

    Microvision Original are a full rimmed frame and are available in a wide array of colours in a coordinating aluminium tube case.

    Microvision Original are available in powers +1.00 to +3.00 in 0.50 dioptre steps and 8 colours: Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, Red, Purple, Aqua, Pink

    Microvision Concierge are a rimless frame available in 3 colours and feature the same super compact tube case as the originals.

    Microvision Concierge are available in powers +1.00 to +3.00 in 0.50 dioptre steps and colours: Black/Titanium, Silver/ Matt silver, Tortoise/ Bronze



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