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    Caseco launched the first of its compact reading frames, the Ultra-slim, over 10 years ago creating a new market.


    We h ave since added a variety of reading frame collections, through which we hope to offer something for all tastes and needs.

    -The So-Slim range of rimless compact readers are colourful, elegant and classic and remain safe and portable within their aluminium tube case. Six colours and 0.25 dioptre steps.
    -The Ultra-Slim compact reader -  the first of its kind on the UK market – with 0.25 dioptre steps.

    -Peek readers maximise style and comfort with their soft flexible nylon temples and slim pyramid shaped case.

    - I NEED YOU offer a fun, fashionable and innovative collection of readers.The collection is distinguished by the wide variety of materials, colors and shapes offered, it also includes sun models.
    -Microvision ultra-compact tube readers .

    -Folding Vision – glazeable folding unisex frames with telescopic sides provide a highly attractive, go anywhere, folding frame – a central hinge allows the classic reading frame to squeeze into a tiny silver finish case. Also provided with a leather travel case.


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