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  • Sunglasses

    Many of our frame brands present a sunglass range which complements their ophthalmic frames in style and ethos.  

    Our brands offer something individual in their approaches to this highly desirable and growing sector.  

    Adult Sunglasses (click brand to link to their page)

    ELEVENPARIS, Henry Jullien, OverSpex, So-Slim Sun  

    Sunglasses for prescription wearers

    OverSpex™ are designed solely for those who wear conventional prescription eyewear and want a stylish range of high-quality sunglasses for all applications. They are designed to fit snugly over the top of your optical eyewear. Our range of styles ensures just the right fit without having to compromise on either looks or versatility.

    Children and Teens sunglasses  

    Carefully designed Children’s sunglasses are increasingly in demand as more is discovered about the negative effects of the sun on young eyes. We are pleased to be able to offer a range of frames for this market which have protection, style and quality at the core of their design and offer durability and reliable eye protection specific to young needs.  



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